—a! Design-Cannon Award. Winner, Type Design. 2005. Mexico
—a! Design-Cannon Award. Winner, Type Design. 2006. Mexico
—a! Design. Finalist, Art Catalog Design. 2008. Mexico
—a! Diseño Award. Finalist, Poster Design. 2008. Mexico
—Tipo-Q “Type design Contest for El Quijote 4th Century”, by the Castilla-La Mancha Center Design, Spain. International Finalist. 2004. Spain
—Salomon Snowboards Artwork Contest. International Finalist. 2005. France
—TDC Intro 2010. Honorific Mention with Prologue Films, Title Credits of Ninja Assassin movie. 2010. New York, USA
Prologuer of the Year. 2009. Los Angeles, CA. USA
—Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Recognition for his career and professional performance. 2014. Puebla, Mexico
—1st Oaxaca Poster International Biennal. Double finalist. 2015. Mexico
—International Image Festival. Finalist, Poster. 2015. Hidalgo, Mexico
—Poster contest "Alzheimer, an everyone's issue". Facultad del Hábitat, UASL; Alzheimer Association SLP and Similar Diseases, A.C. Second Place. 2015. San Luis Potosí, Mexico
—Biennal of Poster Bolivia BICéBE 2015. Selected work. 2015. Bolivia
—Trnava Poster Triennal. Selected work. 2015. Trnava, Slovak Republic

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