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I love baseball. Since I saw the amazing play from Derek Jeter a lot years ago, I just realize that I was watching a legend. I'm not a NY Yankees fan, I'm just somebody that enjoys every Jeter's baseball game that I saw along the years. He's just done in his final and sucessful career, and reading a Forbes article about his brand beyond his career, and because my mind is always working something I just decide to make a break in my routine with something related about this just for fun.
So I made this quickie thinking about a Jeter's logo. Nothing real projects was involved, just a design thinking free style exercise of how I see Derek Jeter's becoming branded.
Anyway, I made an monogram containing the initials of Jeter, a compact composition with and without his NY Yankees number, adding also the home plate shape. I made some a full custom type design in the monogram and the type, with color options and a poster with a copy that I wrote, I guess this just refresh my mind and making honor to the great and amazing Derek Jeter's career, I really will be missing the leadership through the games.
Thank you so much captain for everything.

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