Los Quijotes de la Marcha

Creative Direction, Film, Print Design

Poster design, Postcards & Web design

Poster design for the documentary film "Los Quijotes de la Marcha", directed by the talented argentinian filmmaker Florencia Davidzon.
"Los Quijotes de la Marcha" ("The Marching Quixotes") tells and follow the story of the social movement 15M in Spain, that was a pacific protest against political and economic behaviors (corruption, capitalism, unemployment) and damaging practices that hits the people condition putting them in a critical situation for many years and making a deep crisis since 2010. The 15M inspire its whole country and other ones beyond its borders pointing out topics in the people issues and raising a new way to make politics.
In a very personal perspective, Florencia catch the story of some people that drives the spirit of the 15M from its origins and through after they went to la Puerta del Sol (Sun Gate) in Madrid. There are some reflections of human feelings and collective voices for better life.
The poster was designed from a pacifical perspective, from a beautiful way to see the utopia of a better world, sunflowers as symbol of the individual spirit of freedom, upside down but strong in adversity, growing up and blooming in a clear blue sky and a flock of doves flying through. The brush hand-lettering title was custom made with a an organic and emotional gesture, even the secondary font choice for the tagline below drives the character of the movie as the main brand element.
There were developed a package for spanish and english versions for posters, postcards and for website http://losquijotesdelamarcha.com.



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