Lyons Script

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Rob Lyons

Custom Font

The amazing musician and dear friend Rob Lyons commisioned to me a special custom type for his debut album 'When it haunts you'.
Robbie was playing in the past as Carl Perkins in the wonderful Broadway musical 'Million Dollar Quartet', and recently, he step up to his first solo album (believe me, I hear it and is amazingly powerful), asking me if I can help him to make a special thing for that. So I did this special font based on his writting, cause all the songs were written, arranged and the lyrics by him.
From some of his handwritting notes, I developed a wide and an usable keymap of charachters, keeping the feeling of his unique handwritting. I also made a special version of his name and his album name, for they can be used by the design team of the final artwork.
So, here's some type test samples from the final font.
*By the way, When it haunts you is already released, so maybe you can get the CD now. If you wanna know more about the Robbie's music, you can find more here:
*Final cover and back artwork of Rob Lyons 'When it haunts you' using the Lyons Script font that I made.

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