Art Direction, Branding, Typography
Cerberus Productions

Logo Design

A logo design for a mentorship courses requested by the Cerberus Productions team in Puebla, México. The main target about the logo is having a simple, modern and sophisticated looking, just as the module courses would be have. So I developed a design centered on the "+" sign as the T and as a meaning element of getting extra knowledge, making a custom type for this logo. Every letter complements each other in a integrated type connections, traced as symmetric letters in a light stroke but also having an asymmetrical body logo, just as an implicit meaning of each module of the mentorship.
The final version is a typographic design, but also additional elements as the plus sign can be used as a tile or an icon, and another compact version for another complementary uses.
Besides the typographic research, I made an uppercase custom font as part of the exploration, which is not part of the final elements to use.

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