Mil Millas

Branding, Calligraphy, Typography
Mil Millas Handmade journals

Branding design

Mil Millas is a small brand that makes artisan handmade journals. Since this artistry, the concept of the brand was taken with a custom type and monogram from an original research and design.
Designed thinking on the signature of the brand in a refined, sophisticated and classy monogram: two 'M' initials from the brand's name merged as one into a circle. All in a calligraphic style reminding the beautiful act of writing, the art of binding a journal as a continuous sew as the old books, making a perfect signature for the brand.
The design reminds the art of writing in a personalized and unique calligraphy research, as a personal signature, a continuous line representing the human act of communicating ideas as feelings and structured sentences. Because the magic impulse and the organic flow of the never ending art of writing. Understanding how precious is a journal for a person, an unique object and the value that it becomes when it have ideas as sketches also as written thoughts.
The monogram as the brand's name can work together and separated, as typographic and graphic elements, giving a simple touch but also a richness uses possibilities, in combination with a yellow gold and a deep crimson, plus white gives to the brand a contrasted and refined color selection.
Scketch process

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