Poesía viva

Art Direction, Illustration, Print Design
Octavio Paz: 100 years

Poster design for exhibition

I was invited by Artes de Mexico magazine and the design studio La Fe Ciega to participate in an poster exhibition 'Poesía viva. 100 years' as part of the national celebrations of Octavio Paz century birth, so I made a couple posters inspired on the fantastic poetry and literature of Octavio Paz.
I selected a quote from his "El Cántaro Roto" poem, for design a couple posters. Because his deep vision and amazing literature, I made and introspective interpretation about Octavio Paz conciousness and interior world, both in a different graphic way: a clean and simple eye into a big 'O'; and an explosive splatters reminding a galactic interpretation, as a dream scene in an big wide open space.

     Octavio Paz was a Mexican poet, diplomat and essayist. For his body of work, he was awarded the
     1981 Miguel de Cervantes Prize, the 1982 Neustadt International Prize for Literature and the 1990 Nobel
     Prize in Literature. Octavio Paz was one of most recognized and notable writers of the last century.
"El cántaro roto"
La mirada interior se despliega y un mundo de vértigo y llama nace bajo la frente del que sueña.
"The Broken Pitcher"
The inner eye unfolds and a world of vertigo and flame born under the front of the dreamer.
Octavio Paz
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