Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Typography
Walt Disney Pictures

Main Title credits. Design exploration.

The voyage
Using a metaphor with fantastic castles into the clouds as an epic voyage through the sky. The concept wants to tell the story of the balloon, maybe one of the most iconic element of how the story makes a chain in between the two worlds and where it comes from to the fair. With beautiful landscapes and paceful scenes, we see the balloon flying through the clouds, intermitent thunderbolts, group of birds flying around, with open shots showing the depth of the sky. We see the titles as skyscrapers in a beautiful and elaborated type shapes in between the clouds, with a silver, jeweled and solid look. The whole sequence keeps the grainy black and white texture as an old picture like the opening in the movie. The sequence finish when the balloon flight down and land on the fair.
Design exploration for Main Title credits.
*Designed in Prologue Films

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