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Piegos W is a mexican independent printed publication with topics about urbanism and architecture, also modern issues for sustainability, edited by W.E.Y.E.S. a multidisciplinary collective studio from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, in Mexico.
So, I design a full folded piece of paper, making an editorial piece with texts that they provided me. The challenge was interesting because there's only two colors to use of my choice, making it readable and clearly interesting by design, everything in a A2 full piece of paper folded also on my choice, but with only two pleats. So I designed and laid out the texts for they can be read separately and also designing the way of how they can be folded and keeping the texts separated. It could seems easy but it took a lot of work for getting the way of how it read best and at the same time, playful and with an original design.
I design for it, custom type titles, original and special type research and designed on architectural concepts, not just something squared or straight, but also based on architectural principles, building elements, viariable letter bodies for they can get an interesting typographics constructions. Also, I use Maria (an original serif font with weights and styles (Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic)) for the body text and secondary texts  in combination with Helvetica Light. Also the color choices that I did are based on two main elements of architecture: clay and water. The warm orange, the aquamarine and white color combo are totally useful for constrast and help to read and highlight the information that I have. Each text was laid out for they can be read separated, with body text color switchs, full color blocks and type scales for highlighting each information.

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